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Snowy lilies of the valley

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1. 1. Russian shawl “Snowy lilies of the valley” 120*120cm of the “Orenburgskie kruzheva”

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The Russian Federation



Woolen fabric

Autumn, Spring, Winter

70% of goat down and 30% of silk

Shawl / small shawl





120*120 cm



Our valuable customers!
We present to your attention a unique product of Russia – a shawl manufactured by
“Orenburgskie Kruzheva” company, made of 100% high-quality materials.
The shawl is knitted according to the old Russian traditions using only high-quality
selected down.
Our shawl is a beautiful and delicate thing.
The shawl is necessary in the cold season, as it protects from the cold and warms in
the coldest weather.
In addition, shawls can become a unique elegant accessory in your image.
Our Company is located in Orenburg, the Russian Federation.
Shawl size: 120 * 120 cm.
Material: 70% of goat down and 30% of silk.

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Sheep wool medical belt –
Sheep wool medical knee pads –
Valenki (high/low) with a pattern-
Colour: grey with white-
Art. (article) –
Composition: sheep wool-
Handmade very dense and durable –
Men&#39;s Valenki-
Women&#39;s Valenki-
Children&#39;s Valenki –
High-top slippers

Do you know that down shawls and valenki (felt boots) have not
only a warming effect? They belong to eco-goods and have
medicinal properties!!!
Our products consist of natural goat down and sheep wool, which
are used for the treatment and prevention of diseases such as
osteochondrosis, rheumatism, sciatica, sciatica, diseases of the
spine and joints, varicose veins. For the treatment and prevention
of these diseases, it is recommended to wrap the problem areas.
Windings and the use of belts and knee pads can replace the UHF
For pain in the legs, it is recommended to wear valenki (felt boots),
and for diseases of the feet, at home, you need to wear chuni or
valenki, preferably on your bare feet.
Down shawl is used for sore throats, in addition to antibiotics, it is
shown to wrap in a down shawl, which provides dry heat. And to
make a dry compress – just tie a shawl around your throat.
For migraines and inflammation of the trigeminal nerve – tie a shawl
on your head.
The healing powers of goat down have been known for a long time.
The medicinal properties of goat down are due to its chemical
composition, mechanical and physical characteristics. Fluff
massages the nerve endings and improves blood microcirculation
in the capillaries. It gives a dry, healthy and very pleasant warmth.
Of course, it is impossible to cure serious diseases with products
made of goat down and sheep wool, but it is possible to relieve
suffering and pain in such a simple way!
Both in the cold and in the heat, feet in valenki, feel comfortable,
dry and warm. These shoes never &quot;shrink” and do not deform the
foot. The therapeutic effect of felted shoes, which warms the joints
well, is also widely known.

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70% of goat down and 30% of silk

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